Vermiculite boards – short characteristics

Heat resistant materials and products are nowadays quite commonly used in many areas of our everyday life and it is practically impossible to build a house without the use of at least some fireproof and fire resistant materials. Of course this also means that you have to choose one of numerous manufacturers, but thankfully there are ways to find out where should we buy necessary products.

For example all those, who…

For example all those, who live in the United Kingdom, should seriously consider buying heat resistant materials from Vitcas – a renown and reliable manufacturer.
Of course Vitcas provides many different types of materials and products, including high temperature insulation materials, heat resistant products and refractories. One of the most commonly bought products are vermiculite boards, which are used for example in fireplaces and stoves, because vermiculite is a fantastic insulator with extremely low thermal conductivity.

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What is also very important, vermiculite boards are easy to work with and one does not need specialistic tools for that – just simple wood working tools are enough and despite the fact that vermiculite board is much, much stronger than, for example, more traditional ceramic fibre one, it is also easy to sew, drill and sand.