The range of Vitcas products

The Vitcas company has been around for decades and over the years it has made its name by offering best quality heat resistant solutions. Recently, the Vitcas product range has been updated and now you can choose from cleaning solutions as well.
The Vitcas company was established in 1882 and since then it has offered premium quality heat resistant components for home and industry use.

In particular, the company specialises in…

In particular, the company specialises in manufacturing purpose-made fireplace bricks, fire cement, refractory cement and a whole variety of other products related to the heat shielding industry. Apparently, if it wasn’t for Vitcas products, we wouldn’t really be able to enjoy sitting next to a marvellous fireplace on a cold November or December evening. The technology used by the company allows for keeping the heat, fire and temperature under a very strict control. Vitcas products make using fire and heat safe for you and your family. Recently, a range of cleaning solutions has been added to the Vitcas range.



outdoor ovens


The cleaning products were especially…

The cleaning products were especially designed with high temperatures in mind and therefore they’re excellent at cleaning items such as outdoor ovens, barbecues and grills. The Fireplace Cleaner is very easy to use. It is just enough to spray some of the cleaner onto a dirty surface and in no time at all the dirt gets dissolved and you can enjoy a clean oven.

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