The fire resistant products that you need

The Vitcas company offers a whole variety of products especially designed to control the negative effects of fire and excessive heat. In particular, we recommend refractory cements and fireplace bricks which are capable of withstanding ultra high temperatures.
Although many people take fire protection absolutely for granted, the danger is still there.

refractory cement


Luckily, though, the Vitcas company…

Luckily, though, the Vitcas company features a range of products especially designed to deal with the effects of fire-related issues. First of all, please familiarise yourself with a selection of refractory cements and mortars. Due to the fact that we’re talking extremely high temperatures in excess of 1200C here, a normal cement wouldn’t be able to cope with these thermal conditions. What we need is a cement capable of withstanding temperatures that are generated by home fireplaces and Vitcas offers a choice of them. The same applies to bricks.

Even though fireplace bricks look a bit like normal bricks, the fireproof ones are made of completely different materials capable of dealing with the temperatures found inside a fireplace. For more details concerning Vitcas refractory, heat resistant and fireproof products please visit the company’s website.

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