Handling fire and excessive heat with ease

Thanks to manufacturers such as Vitcas, it is possible to deal with all sorts of fire-related threats that would otherwise be very dangerous. In particular, we recommend a very good combination of Vitcas cement and fire resistant boards made of vermiculite.
The Vitcas company specialises in delivering fireproof, heat resistant and refractory materials which help to stay safe even when things get very hot.

fire resistant board

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According to specialists, a typical fireplace is…

According to specialists, a typical fireplace is easily capable of generating temperatures over 1200C which is why purpose-made materials need to be used. At this stage we would like to draw your attention to the range of Vitcas products which were especially designed with fire protection in mind. Particularly, the Vitcas fire cements and mortars are absolutely necessary when dealing with all sorts of fireplaces and furnaces.

Unlike regular cements and mortars, the refractory…

Unlike regular cements and mortars, the refractory options provides excellent protection against devastating effects of excessive heat exposure. The mortars resemble fireplace bricks on the structural level which means the two form a prefect bond. Finally, you should also think about heat insulation and in this case fire resistant vermiculite boards are the best (vitcas.com).

fire cement

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The boards feature a very low thermal conductivity which means it keeps all the heat where it belongs.

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