Fire bricks: information

Nowadays it is absolutely normal that we have the access to many various materials which we can use to build different things and structures around our house or even inside it. Good examples of such structures are kilns, fireplaces( especially insides of them ), furnaces or outdoor ovens. All the aforementioned constructions have one thing in common: they have to be resistant to heat and this resistance has to be far better than the one offered by more traditional materials( i.


e. standard bricks ).
Fire bricks do offer really huge heat resistance – in fact they are able to withstand temperatures far higher than pretty much any other material that can be safely used in our house( for example asbestos is probably more resistant, but it is also carcinogenic ). This resistance paired with the equally high resistance to rapid changes of temperature make fire bricks a common material used for construction of outdoor ovens or fireplaces.

Especially in the former case( ovens…

Especially in the former case( ovens )it is important, because these constructions are outdoors, so it is quite common that we cook something in such oven in the evening and then we leave the oven for the whole night, when temperatures are much lower than during the day.

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