Features of Vitcas fireproof boards

Thanks to manufacturers such as Vitcas we can all take fire and heat absolutely for granted these days. The company in question specialises in delivering best quality heat insulation materials including the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards.
These days most people aren’t really interested in heat or fire.



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For a whole bunch of reasons, they tend to take everything very much for granted and they assume that it has to be safe. But it doesn’t. Everyone enjoys sitting next to a marvellous fireplace on a cold December evening. However, the temperatures inside the fireplace are so high that they would be able to destroy your house easily if it wasn’t for heat insulation materials. For instance, those made by the Vitcas company.

In particular, the Vitcas vermiculite…

In particular, the Vitcas vermiculite fireproof boards are widely used all over the world thanks to their unique features. First of all, the vermiculite material itself is made of an aluminium-magnesium silicate that occurs naturally. Then a lot of heat is applied and the exfoliation process begins. Finally, the whole thing expands and the resulting product is ready.

At this stage it should be mentioned that the bulk form is appropriate for some purposes but most of the time the material gets processed furthermore until it is available as separate boards. Key features involve extremely low thermal conductivity and a very good structural integrity.

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