Combining style with safety of fireproof boards

The Vitcas ( company offers a choice of fire protective materials suitable for all stages of fireplace or furnace construction. Interestingly, a range of fire resistant vermiculite boards manages to be both very effective in keeping the heat where it belongs and look very stylish.
There are a lot of people interested in getting their own fireplaces but they’re often put off by the fact that they’re capable of generating enormous temperatures inside and that doesn’t sound exceptionally reassuring.

Combining style with safety of fireproof boards – gallery

fire resistant board


According to experts, temperatures in…

According to experts, temperatures in excess of 1200C are nothing unusual and there’s no need to be worried because there are heat protective materials that can deal with the problem easily. For example, then, the Vitcas company offers a choice of heat resistant vermiculite boards which were especially designed with home fireplaces in mind. Interestingly enough, the Vitcas company offers a choice of 2 finishing designs to choose from.

The first option involves boards with the brick effects which works very well if you have a similar design in your living room. If you don’t, there’s always the reeded effect option that should fit anywhere else. Speaking of the boards themselves, they use vermiculite which is a naturally-occurring silicate known for a very low thermal conductivity which is why it is perfect for this job.

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