About a clay pizza oven

You most likely know from your own experience that a pizza baked in a special outdoor clay pizza oven tastes best and there is no other comparable method of baking, which would result in the same taste, but not many people know that such ovens are known for many centuries now and that they were extremely popular back in the day.

Even today they are often referred to…

Even today they are often referred to as” Roman ovens”, because this design was widely used in the ancient Roman Empire.
Such ovens were usually called” black” due to some specific side-effects of baking in a wood-fired oven. Basically speaking the smoke from the wood fired in an oven not only gives any baked dish the unique taste, but also collects as soot in the upper part of the oven – that’ s why the oven is” black”.

It is also worth to note that in” black” ovens the fuel( in this case a load of wood )and the bakings are in the same chamber. Of course there are also” white” clay pizza ovens, which have separate chambers for fuel and bakings, which allows to use for example coal as the fuel without any risk that soot will collect anywhere on the bakings. If you plan to build such an oven in your garden or yard, then you should look for more information, because the exact designs are somewhat different depending on what exactly bakings you plan to bake – if you want to bake bread, then your clay oven must be more solid than in case of an oven meant only for pizzas.

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