A line of Vitcas refractory products

Refractory, heat resistant and fireproof products need to be used in every fireplace or furnace in order to ensure safety at all times. A line of Vitcas refractories includes both high silica and high alumina refractory cements (vitcas.com) designed with fire and high temperatures in mind.
Even a fairly common fireplace is a pretty complex engineering task due to the fact that it has to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Typically, wood-fired fireplaces are easily able to…

Typically, wood-fired fireplaces are easily able to reach over 1500C and that means some serious measures need to be taken in order to ensure safety. With that in mind, professionals use Vitcas refractory products including high silica refractories. In particular, silica refractory mortars are ready to use and air setting cements purpose-designed to handle temperatures in excess of 1500C. To be more precise, the Silcas 1C cement is rated for 1550C which gives a nice safety margin. What’s more, the 1C mortar creates a bond that matches the strength of fireproof bricks and thus makes a very coherent construction.

refractory cement – gallery

refractory cement

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Finally, high alumina refractory cements are aimed at the most difficult working environments. The Vitset 45, for example, is rated for up to 1700C. For more information regarding both high alumina and silica refractory mortars please visit the Vitcas website.

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